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    To be a candidate for the Curlew Chapter of National Honor Society, a student must meet the first pillar of membership: scholarship. A students is eligible if he or she is a sophomore, junior, or senior who has been enrolled in a regular course of study at Curlew High School for at least one semester and who has a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. 


    In addition to the pillar of scholarship there are three more pillars: service, leadership, and character. Once a student decides to apply for membership in NHS, he or she then completes an information form that lists the student's experiences in service and leadership. For the pillar of character, the student is asked to reflect on his or her character strengths in a cover letter. The information form and the cover letter are submitted to a faculty council of five teachers who are appointed by the principal. The council reviews the letters and the applications and then based on the merits in evidence, invites selected students to join NHS. The NHS adviser is present during this process, but is not a member of the council.



    Character survey:
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