Milk is served with every meal.  Cereal is offered as an option at breakfast
    Curlew School District is an equal opportunity provider
    Monday, May 21   Cinnamon flop, fruit Gyros, fruit
    Tuesday, May 22   Pancakes, fruit Beef stew, ;hot roll, veggie, fruit
    Wednesday, May 23   Breakfast bar, fruit Chicken fajita salad, hot roll, fruit
    Thursday, May 24   Cougar muffins, fruit Hawaiian sandwich, veggie, fruit
    Friday, May 25   Cheese toast COOK'S CHOICE
    Monday, May 28   NO SCHOOL MEMORIAL DAY
    Tuesday, May 29   Cornbread, fruit Tomato & ravioli soup, hot roll, fruit
    Wednesday, May 30   French toast, fruit Taco salad, fruit
    Thursday, May 31   Biscuits & gravy, fruit Spaghetti, hot roll, veggie, fruit
    Friday, June 1   Turnover, fruit COOK'S CHOICE
    Monday, June 4   Bagel, fruit Burrito, veggie, fruit
    Tuesday, June 5   Yogurt & granola, fruit Soup, hot roll, veggie, fruit
    Wednesday, June 6   waffles, fruit Teriyaki dippers, hot roll, veggie, fruit
    Thursday, June 7   Scones, fruit Orange mandarin chicken, rice, veggie, fruit
    Friday June 8   Cougar tail, fruit COOK'S CHOICE
    Monday, June 11   Cinnamon flop, fruit Chicken nuggets, hot roll, veggie, fruit
    Tuesday, June 12   Pancakes, fruit Chicken soup hot roll, veggie, fruit
    Wednesday, June 13   Breakfast bar, fruit Sausage potato pie, hot roll, fruit
    Thursday, June 14   Cougar muffin, fruit Corn dogs, veggie, fruit
    Friday, June 15   Cheese toast, fruit NO LUNCH
Last Modified on May 23, 2018