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    Curlew School Counselor Activities


    Goal: Promote and enhance academic, personal, social, and career development of all students.


    Yearly Activities:


    • Post information on designated bulletin boards about colleges and testing dates. 
    • Help to arrange college and military visitations, as well as take students to the career & college fairs yearly.  Arrange college visitations as allowed.
    • Address any parent concerns as they come up and help to make a positive outcome for the students benefit.
    • Oversee Running Start students.
    • Along with the career and college guidance, from time to time may be called on to help with minor emotional emergencies: (Anything from individual counseling to group sessions.)
    • Responsible for all Kindergarten -12th grading reports, (report cards & transcripts).  Complete the scheduling of classes for all students in grades K-12.  Manage our computer attendance and grading system and help teachers’ trouble shoot when problems arise.
    • Oversee our Parent/Student Access to grades program.
    • Run grade checks for athletes.
    • Administer the SBAC as well as  register, order and administer the PSAT, SAT and AP exams to the high school students, serving as our testing coordinator school wide. 
    • Take a lead role in the advising and organization of graduation requirements. (High School & Beyond Plan)
    • Schedule classroom visits with K-8 students and talk about bullying, controlling anger, testing anxiety, getting along with others, college and careers and any other topic in need of addressing.
    • Nominate our students for different opportunities for them to go out and extend their learning beyond Curlew.
    • Work closely with CPS and a Community Prevention Team on issues directly involving the children in our county and school.
    • Write letters of recommendation for college applications and scholarships.  Head up the Curlew Staff Scholarship committee, as well as play an active role in several local scholarship groups.  Award scholarship’s to seniors during graduation.
    • Complete any other tasks ask of or assigned by principal or superintendent.