• Policy No. 6570

    Management Support



    Data Management

    The superintendent is authorized to enter into a contract with the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative to purchase a student information system, equipment, networking and software to expand the current K-12 education statewide network. The Board shall review the data management program annually.

    Property Records

    Property records and inventory records shall be maintained on all land, buildings and personal property under the control of the district.

    Property purchased in whole or in part with federal funds shall be inventoried at least every two years. The inventory shall include the serial number of the item, its cost and the percentage of federal funds used to purchase it.

    Small attractive items (computers, printers, projectors, video cassette recorders, tools, etc.) shall be inventoried annually and shall be signed out to staff. Sign-out records shall also be maintained.

    At the end of each school year each teacher shall inventory the property items in his or her classroom. A randomly selected ten percent of those inventories shall be double-checked by an employee of the business office.

    For purposes of this policy, “equipment” shall mean a unit of furniture or furnishings, an instrument, a machine, an apparatus or a set of articles which retains its shape and appearance with use, is nonexpendable, and does not lose its identity when incorporated into a more complex unit. Property records of facilities shall be maintained on an ongoing basis.

    No equipment shall be removed for personal or nonschool use. Property records shall show, as appropriate to the item recorded, the:

    1. Description of the property;
    2. A serial number or other identification number (equipment may be identified with a permanent tag that provides appropriate district and equipment identification.);
    3. Source of property;
    4. Who holds title;
    5. Manufacturer;
    6. Year of purchase;
    7. Initial cost;
    8. Percentage of federal participation in the cost of the property;
    9. Location;
    10. Condition and depreciation;
    11. Current valuation in conformity with insurance requirements; and
    12. Disposition data including date of disposal and sale price of the property

    Cross Reference:          Board Policy 3231           Student Records
    oard Policy 4040           Public Access to School District Records
    Board Policy 6801           Fixed Assets
    Board Policy 6955           Maintenance of Records

    Legal References:         RCW 40.14                    Preservation and Destruction of Public Records
    RCW 40.14.010             Definition and classification of public records
    RCW 42.56.070-080      Public Records Act.Documents and indexes to be made public; 
                                                                                     Facilities for copying – Availability of public records
    34 C.F.R. § 80.32          Uniform administrative requirements for grants and cooperative
                                                                                      agreements to state and local governments – Equipment

    Management Resources:   
    Policy News, April 2006         Fixed Assets
    Policy News, April 2005         Records Retention Schedule Updated


     Adoption Date: 03.27.03

    Curlew School District #50

    Revised: 08.12.98; 04.05; 04.06; 4.09

    Classification: Priority